Chic House Numbers

(Clockwise, from top left):
1. “Ethan” Address Plaque / Frontgate 2. Modern Ceramic House Numbers / Rejuvenation 3. “Roanoke” Address Plaque / Frontgate 4. Copper House Numbers / Rejuvenation

Finding the right house numbers for your home can be tricky. You want them to stand out (“Hello, emergency responders!”) but also blend seamlessly and elegantly with the style of your home.

I live in an historic preservation district filled with grand Victorian houses from the turn of the last century.  You would not believe how many modern Neutra-style numbers I see on these homes!  I love the Neutra numbers with a passion, but they look woefully out of place on a Victorian facade.  If you lived in a modernist glass house,  you wouldn’t have numbers full of fanciful curlicues, would you? It would just make no sense at all.

I searched and searched for the house numbers that would compliment my home’s exterior, which is historic and traditional, but not grand.  I also wanted the numbers to hint at my own taste, which–like the interior of my home–leans towards modern.  During this exhaustive search, I gained a real empathy for my Neutra-numbered neighbors–it turns out that finding non-fussy, non-modern numbers is a tricky business!

I persevered however, and came up with several good choices.  Check out the numbers I ended up with as well as a few standouts I spotted along the way.

Which is your favorite?



  1. Jake said...

    02!! And then maybe 04… They’ll both look fab on your gorgeous home!

    Reply April 12, 2017
  2. Kate said...

    We will need new house numbers soon! I will definitely keep the style in mind so it compliments our house’s architectural style!

    Reply April 17, 2017
  3. Amy said...

    I like the first choice best.

    Reply May 26, 2017

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