Plans, plans, and more plans!

new home plansWell, we closed on our new house just over a week ago, so I guess it’s time to start planning. Just kidding!  I’ve spent the last 6 weeks measuring, drawing new home plans, drawing more new home plans, measuring, visiting stone-yards, measuring, drawing plans, pricing out 6 different kitchen cabinet lines, drawing plans, and – oh, did I mention measuring?

Where to Start with New Home Plans

First off, let me tell you that the house–like most fixer-uppers–was an absolute steal.  However, the fact that it needs all new systems, a new porch roof, major landscaping, exterior painting, new rear siding, etc. means that we’re on a very tight budget both inside and out.  That being said, I started this project like I do all projects: by letting my imagination run wild.  I draw the house like it could be if I had an unlimited budget. I don’t bother with pesky things like plumbing chases, and HVAC duct work.

Not everybody works this way, so I’m not necessarily recommending this practice.  I know some architects and designers find the inevitable return to reality to be much too crushing to proceed with anything but absolute caution.  I, however, find that the liberation of the exercise usually leads to some exciting design possibilities that I probably wouldn’t have found if I had reined myself in early on.

After imagining the best scenario for the house, I went back – measuring tape in hand – and looked at the space.  I looked at where the plumbing and duct-work ran.  Then I looked at the view from each window and noted exactly where the electrical outlets were.  I made honest assessments of what could change, and what really couldn’t and then went back and edited my drawings.  I did this probably 20 times and the result is a plan that makes sense for my family. The new home plans also make sense for the architecture of the house.  It also makes sense for our budget, which, in the end, is probably the most important consideration.

I’ll be unveiling the final plans shortly, so check back soon!



  1. Maura said...

    So exciting!

    Reply August 11, 2015

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