Daybeds We Can Deal With

As a general rule, I do not care for daybeds. The typical daybed design is usually too high and deep to be comfortable as a sofa (their supposed alternate purpose), but are very rarely used as beds. Unless you are well over 6′ tall, when sitting on a daybed you will be left with your legs dangling like Lily Tomlin’s Edith Ann and feeling not only uncomfortable, but also completely ridiculous. If you want a twin bed, then just buy a twin bed!

Like all rules, however, there are exceptions. The following are daybed design options I can actually imagine both sitting on and/or reclining in varying degrees of comfort. The key, of course, to daybed comfort is copious amounts of firm pillows to push you to the fore, or adopting a permanent perch just on the edge. A small table in front of a daybed is ideal. Then you don’t have to lunge off to the side in order to deposit a drink.

Though I will pick a real sofa over a daybed every time, I will grudgingly admit that a daybed can be a useful complement in many rooms.

Check out my top picks below and let me know how you feel about daybeds! -Bethany

1. Tufted Daybed / West Elm  2. Fold-Out Sleeper Daybed / CB2  3. Silhouette Daybed / Land of Nod   4. Barcelona Couch / Design Within Reach  5. New Canaan Daybed / Ballard Designs  6. Lampert Lounger / Jonathan Adler



  1. Anna @Annabode said...

    I have the CB2 one, and love it! It’s looking a little tired though, so it might be my next upholstery project. 🙂

    Reply March 20, 2015

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